Monday, April 8, 2013

Show Off UI For iPhone 5/4/4S Running iOS6 and up ONLY

For iPhone 5/4S/4 running iOS 6 and up only.
Wallpapers for iPhone 4/4S will be posted separately on my blog.

Complete theme with Instagram.
Weather, SBSettings, KIK and Open Notifiers to follow.
Comes With:
Stock Apps themed,
Status Bar,
LockScreen Slider And Battery,
ColorKeyboard and Pop Ups,
3 Wallpapers,
Icon Masks,
83 Apped Icons,
and more..
(Place Theme in Var/Stash/themes and ColorKeyboard in /Library/ColorKeyboard/Themes and the Pop Ups in /Library/ColorKeynoard/PopUps.)
(HomeScreen Widget from iPhantomThemes.)
You will be sent to download automatically after purchase complete. Please wait.

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