Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Frame With Date PerPageHTML Widget

For iPhone 5. Please read.

To use your images in the frame go to var/mobile/media/DCIM and select your 100Apple folder. Depending on how many photos you have you might have more folders like 101Apple and/or 102Apple, etc. Your older images will be in the smaller number folder. Now copy the photo and paste it in the PerPageHTML widget where you will find after placing it there in var/library/PerPageHTML (theme name). Than delete or rename the image labeled Photo.png to whatever so you can rename the photo you want to use to that name (Photo.png) Than activate in PerPageHTML.

For best pic results, crop photo in gallery to a more squared shape.


Thx to a good friend, El who had shared the original Frame widget with me a while ago. 


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  2. this can only be used with iphone 5?


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