Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Le Eiffel Tower theme

Please Read all Instructions Underneath To Set Up the Weather Widget

Download: Here
Place in var/stash/themes
Wallpapers in this folder are to be named Layer.png. There are 2 wallpapers in this theme you can choose from.
(Star Page indicators and WIFI/Sig set can be downloaded Here)
Badges are made by my friends Cami And El.

Weather Set Up
1st you need your weather code. Enter your location in the search bar Here. After loading your local weather, copy the end of the web address. It should look something like this: CAXX0504
Then go into the theme folder with SSH or iFile (here's the iFile tutorial)
1. Once inside the theme folder, scroll down to Wallpaper.html and select it.

2. Select text viewer.

3. Scroll down about half the page until you get to the Weather Script as shown in the SS. Then hit edit and in between the quotation marks erase that current location and paste yours. Then hit save and done.

Now exit and re-spring your device. Done!

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