Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zeppelin Carriers

Download all: Here
(Place in Library/Zeppelin)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Helluurrrr Kitty Weather Set

Here is one of my favorite Weather Sets I was able to covert for the WeatherIcon tweak for iPhone made by the wonderful Zan. She also has some really cute wallpapers for BlackBerry and iPhone users, so check out her site.

Download Helluurrrr Kitty WeatherIcon: Here
(Place in var/stash/themes)

PlugIns and Font Theme for LockInfo iOS5

Download Blawb PlugIns: Here
(Place Plugins theme to Library/LockInfo but first move current Plugins theme to another location ex: var/mobile/Documents. )

Download Hot Pink and Purple LockInfo Font: Here
(Place in Library/LockInfo/Themes)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Le Eiffel Tower Wallpapers

Original wallpaper was share by (twitter name) flybabyroxy.

Le Eiffel Tower theme

Please Read all Instructions Underneath To Set Up the Weather Widget

Download: Here
Place in var/stash/themes
Wallpapers in this folder are to be named Layer.png. There are 2 wallpapers in this theme you can choose from.
(Star Page indicators and WIFI/Sig set can be downloaded Here)
Badges are made by my friends Cami And El.

Weather Set Up
1st you need your weather code. Enter your location in the search bar Here. After loading your local weather, copy the end of the web address. It should look something like this: CAXX0504
Then go into the theme folder with SSH or iFile (here's the iFile tutorial)
1. Once inside the theme folder, scroll down to Wallpaper.html and select it.

2. Select text viewer.

3. Scroll down about half the page until you get to the Weather Script as shown in the SS. Then hit edit and in between the quotation marks erase that current location and paste yours. Then hit save and done.

Now exit and re-spring your device. Done!

Friday, February 17, 2012

New SB Shift Themes and Weather Sets:

Download City Shift Cherri SB theme: Here
Download Candy Weather Icons: Here

Download City Shift Regular font SB theme: Here

Download Emotional Weather Icons: Here
(Place in var/stash/themes)

Thanks again to the great Cami for the wallpapers. The weather sets were found and I converted theme to work with the WetherIcon tweak in Cydia. Thanks to Lauren for sharing the shift theme with me. I've been having so much fun with it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I want to start off by saying Thank You!

I want to thank all the lovely ladies for the generous donations. I try to share everything I put together and sometimes coming up with stuff and making them can be time consuming, so it's always nice to feel appreciated. And I also want to thank everyone for the support. I recently went private because there was someone who was taking items and photos right off my blog and re-posting them on her own and claiming them as hers. I was not the only one this individual was taking from. It's always hard when you spend a lot of effort and time on something and are happy to share it but can be spoiled by one person. I have been getting a lot of invite requests and have been forced to be picky with whom I let in, but I'm not happy about doing this. So I've decided to watermark my photos and hope that my downloads will not be posted anywhere else. I will be public as soon as everything is updated. I make a lot of my things and what ever I edit/make that came from someone else is always credited and linked when applicable.
So... Thank you!

LoveDoodles Lockscreen Theme

Download LoveDoodlesLS: Here
Download WTF Slider theme: Here
(Place in var/stash/themes)
(Thanks to Cami for the wallpaper she let me edit for this theme)

Monday, February 13, 2012

2 More WeatherIcon Sets and Matching Badges and Calendar Icon

Download Dreamz WeatherIcon: Here

Download Je T Aime WeatherIcon: Here
(Place in var/stash/themes)
Thank you to the Duo Cami and El for the theme. The wallpaper by Cami and the weather icons were made by BarbieW

Chanel SMS Theme

Download: Here

Friday, February 10, 2012

Chanel Theme

Download Chanel Word Clock theme: Here
Download Chanel Weather Icon
Large: Here
Regular size: Here

Download Chanel LockScreen theme: Here 
All items are to be placed in var/stash/themes and activated in winterboard.

Badge made by Cami, heart page indicators/battery/wifi/signal set from JailBreakThemes, Icons made by a good friend of mine El on twitter. And the awesome Chanel weather icons I converted were made by BarbieW. They are what inspired me to make these themes.
Lockscreen theme I did a lot of editing to was originally shared with me by Lauren.