Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello Kitty Face Theme

The calendar is not in the theme but is an option in LockInfo.
Download theme: Here


To set up the weather you will need to search for your city code. You can find that Here in the Find Weather bar. After the page loads to your forecast go up to the address bar and at the end of the web address you will see a set of letters and numbers (example: that is your weather code. Now go into var/themes/Hello Kitty Face (dBar) and scroll down and select the Widget.HTML. open as text and scroll down until you see "Weather Script". At the top left corner select edit then change the code beside the "var locale =" Make sure your code is placed in between the quotation marks. (see pic)

Then make sure you save it (top right corner) then done. Now re-spring your device and all changes will show. You can also change from Celsius to Fahrenheit by changing the true to false the same way in the section marked on the screenshot above.
The dock has fixed icons so for each app you will have to drag the clear icons over each icon on the dock. For the center it is your Cydia app. For Facebook and Twitter, it is currently set up to work with Facely HD and Tweetbot. To change these go into var/stash/themes/Hello Kitty Face Theme/Icons and rename them to the app you are using. Be sure to name them exactly the same as the app.To rename, press the side arrow.

I did not make the wallpaper. Unfortunately I do not remember where I got it from. The dock was shared with me and i tweaked it.

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