Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My JailBreak Must Haves

There is so much you can do to customize your iPhone with all the tweaks, applications and themes developers are coming out with making it impossible to turn away from this great device. Here are a few of my must haves.

1. iFile- available in Cydia
Lets you explore whats on the inside of you phone. Allowing you to move themes and other goodies around. This file client allows you to Download right from your phone giving you options to unzip, zip, copy, paste, delete email, etc...

2. Open Notifier - tweak available in Cydia
This app puts custom notification right on your status bar and/or badges on applications that do not come with this feature. Download icon pack add ons or create your own. If you decide to make your own icon make 4 icons the same no larger then 40x40 pixels. Name them as follows:
example: sms icon (Sms is the name you want to name the icon, name it something that is not already taken or it will replace the one with this name in use.)
Black_ON_Sms.png, Black_ON_Sms(at symbol)2x.png, 
Silver_ON_Sms.png , Silver_ON_Sms(at symbol)2x.png
You can email them to yourself and use iFile or SSH from you computer. SSH requires you to have Open SSH downloaded from cydia and an SSH client on your computer.
You want to go back as far as you can and place it in : /system/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework.
If you scroll down in ifile, you will see the existing icons.

3.Gridlock - Tweak in Cydia
Allows you to place your applications anywhere on your homescreen/springboard. If you wanted, you could have one app floating in the middle of your screen.

4.iBlanks - available in Cydia (must download no icon shadow for iOS4+ from cydia to go with this)
Places as many clear apps on your screen. Great for those who want a blank screen to show off your wallpaper.

5.Colorkeyboard- available in Cydia
Get rid of the ordinary keyboard. Comes with plenty of different colored keyboards. It also lets you round the keys edges or place your own photos on the keyboards background.

6.Showcase - Tweak available in Cydia
This tweak will show the actual letter case you are typing.

7.ActionMenu - Tweak available in Cydia
More option to your copy and paste menu. Add favorites so they are always easy to access.

8.Clock Builder - available in app store or installous (you need Typoclock for JailBroken iPhones from cydia and activate in WinterBoard)
You can customize you lockscreens wallpaper, weather, texts, sliders and date and time. Personalize it your self, share or download from a variety of existing themes.

9.WinterBoard - available in Cydia
This is where all your themes and customizations are stored and activated.

10.ArrangeStatusBar - Tweak in Cydia
Be able to rearrange your status bar items.

11.BytaFont - available in Cydia
Change the font on your phone. So many to choose from in cydia. Advanced option to use different fonts for different systems.

12.PhotoMail - Tweak in Cydia
This tweak lets you send multiple photos from your library by long pressing the screen same way you would to copy/paste. Select the + and select photo. Repeat as many times as photos you want to send.

13.BiteSMS - available in Cydia
This is an sms application  with more options. Great reply to option from homescreen and lockscreen. Sms theme in cydia work for this app as well.

   Well there you have it. My top apps and tweaks. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do.
      Remember YouTube is a great place for tutorials and sources, don`t be afraid to search. 


  1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    Hey whats the name of that font

  2. The font in the screen shot is Sue Ellen Francisco I believe. I change my fonts frequently.


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