Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fixed the Date And Time Single Line iWidget

Looks a little cleaner.

Open in ifile and move to var/mobile/library/iWidget. Needs iWidget from Cydia to use this. 
Theme from SweetXPoisonThemes

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Please Note

None of my themes have been updated to be compatible with iOS 7 and up, so please beware. No refunds are given. 

Never Give Up iWidget Quote


Unzip using iFile and place in var/mobile/library/iwidget. Need iWidget from Cydia installed. 
Theme from iPhonemize

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vertical Today And Time iWidget

You need to have a JailBroken iPhone and iWidgets installed from Cydia. 


(Using iFile unzip and move widget to var/mobile/library/iWdgets. Long press home screen to select widget. 

Screen: Wallpaper and zeppelin are from SweetXPoison and icons are from iPhonemize

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cornered iWidget

I've seen this on a lot of android devices and decided I wanted it on my iPhone. Hope you guys like it.

For use with iWidget found in Cydia

(Place in var/mobile/library/iWidgets and activate by long pressing home screen.)

(Wallpaper from iKreations)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Circle iWidgets

There are 2 widgets. One is the weather alone to centre over the circle date and time widget. These were both posted by Steph from iPhantom. I edited them to use with iWidget and was asked to share.

Unzip using iFile and move to var/mobile/library/iWidgets. 

To edit the weather widget you have to get your weather code from yahoo weather by using google. Go into the iWidget theme folder and select the widget.html document to open. Scroll down till you find the var locale and select edit at the top corner to change the weather code as seen in the screen shot below then save. 

VCloud iWidget

I've been asked to post my version of this iWidget. Original can be found in Cydia.

Unzip using iFile and place in var/mobile/library/iWidgets. 

You need to go into the iWidget folder and set the weather code by selecting the Config.js document. Hit edit at the top corner. Scroll down till you see where to change the weather code as seen in the next screen shot then save.